Tube Bending and Forming

MSP operates only the latest in CNC tube bending and forming machines. These machines are used to form the various profiles, from the appropriate alloys. Machinery is constantly updated or upgraded in an effort to stay current with the advancing technologies.

This portfolio of machinery overlaps with our customer needs and therefore provides an appropriate level of backup or capacity even under the most disastrous or unforeseen circumstances. There is an effective disaster or recovery plan in place.

Furthermore, the up-to-date nature of the equipment allows tube to be formed with the precision and accuracy required by today’s customers. Specification and tolerances are strictly adhered to. MSP frequently employs hard fixturing in order to achieve high levels of accuracy and repeatability of parts coming off the benders, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

MSP is capable of processing tube diameters ranging from 0.50 “ up to 4.0” in square, round, and rectangular profiles.

Our vast experience and diverse customer portfolio has allowed the company to accumulate a large and varied portfolio of tooling. This diverse portfolio encompasses many profiles and radii. This portfolio is under constant expansion.

For large radius work (greater than 12” on the centerline) MSP utilizes a Tauring CNC angle roller. This equipment assures a high degree of repeatability and accuracy when forming large radius parts for our clientele.

Tube Bending Machine

Tube Bending