Laser Tube Cutting

The investment in laser tube cutting technology at MSP represents the greatest technological advancement in tube fabricating in a decade. This machinery simplifies the processing and fabrication of tube. The laser cutting process increases efficiency, process flexibility, and allows for new design possibilities with greater control and ease.

The tube laser is a multi axis laser system that allows our customers to add value to their tubular assemblies with fewer operations and no costly tooling. Virtually any profile can be cut into the end of a tube or into the tube along its length. Multiple secondary operations like milling, drilling, punching, stamping and de-burring that would typically require several machine operations can now be carried out automatically on a single machine.

The use of this technology eliminates the need for capital investment in hard tooling to complete many of these functions. Not only is there a reduction in capital invested, but there is also the elimination of storage requirements for that same tooling, Resulting in  a much more efficient use of plant floor space.

MSP’s use of this technology drives enormous value and quality benefit into our customer’s portfolios.

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting